Welcome To FireBoard

Cloud Connected

FireBoard is a Cloud Connected Smart Thermometer, allowing remote monitoring of temperature from your mobile phone or web browser, anywhere you have internet access. FireBoard utilizes a WiFi connection to push up to the cloud, or a Bluetooth 4.0 connection when in range - providing real-time monitoring in any situation.


The FireBoard is a smart device, always keeping data sychronized to the cloud even after connection outages or power failures. Also functioning as a temperature data-logger, the FireBoard stores an extended history of temperature data even in offline scenarios. All of our technology is designed and developed in-house at FireBoard Labs in Kansas City, and it is built specifically to provide a robust and reliable stream of temperature data to the cloud. With FireBoard, you always know what the temperature is - no matter where you are.


Focusing on the science of measuring temperature, FireBoard Labs uses precise measuring circuitry to ensure accurate temperature readings. Data can be easily read via the on-board display, or can be visualized graphically with clean and simple charts. Summarized reports for subscribers are also available which quickly and easily provide a permanent record to verify food safety standards.

24/7 Monitoring

The FireBoard Cloud Service subscription provides an inexpensive, yet robust monitoring solution for commercial and industrial applications, in both hot and cold environments. The features of this solution include:

  • around the clock realtime temperature delivery via the FireBoard cloud
  • unlimited historical temperature storage archive
  • setup advanced alarms
  • FireBoard Reports, providing monthly statistics and summary information about the data collected

Home, Kitchen and Cooking Enthusiast

An industry leading thermometer brings commercial technology into the home. Whether you’re cooking in the oven or BBQ’ing on the smoker, the FireBoard is an exceptional device to ensure food is cooked properly and safely. With a super simple setup to monitor your cook remotely, the FireBoard makes cooking fun!

  • collect temperature data via the FireBoard cloud up to 36 hour time-spans
  • store historical sessions on your free FireBoard account
  • setup simple alarms