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The FireBoard Story

Temperature is everywhere, yet there isn't a great solution for monitoring temperature remotely for cooking and for bbq. FireBoard provides a simple, affordable and smart solution. It's a cloud connected thermometer -- so you can see temperatures from your phone or from the web, anywhere you are.

FireBoard was designed from the ground up as a thermometer designed for professionals and commercial applications. Beyond its use in the home kitchen & bbq environment, its use cases are numerous and diverse:

  • Commercial Temperature Monitoring and Mangement
  • Data Centers & Server Rooms
  • Restaurant & Food Refrigeration
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Temperature Monitoring
  • Transportation & Storage (i.e., the Cold Chain)

Because we've designed it for professionals, its also an amazing product for your home, bbq, or kitchen. We've also had great feedback from competition bbq teams using it to monitor temperatures as they compete.


Ted Conrad - Founder, FireBoard Labs
Ted Conrad / Founder

Ted Conrad was the cofounder and managing principal of 440 Investment Group, a boutique investment firm, part of Mariner Wealth Advisors and Mariner Holdings in Kansas City. Ted also worked for Welton Investment Corporation in Carmel, California, and at Bountiful Trust / FB Capital Management in Manhattan, Kansas. During Ted’s 14 year investment career, he focused on developing automated trading and research systems to support various investment strategies. He graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelors degree in Finance.

In founding FireBoard Labs, Ted is continuing his pursuit of building expert systems and is excited to be developing a product to help make a routine task a little easier.

Steven Briggeman - Partner, FireBoard Labs
Steven Briggeman / Partner

Steven Briggeman has been consulting in the digital space since 2002. He co-founded Sprout Software, a development firm focused on creating decision making tools in the agriculture sector. He has developed practical tools that are being utilized in a wide range of applications - from Market Research firms, college classrooms, state agencies, and small business. Steven graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Technology Management.

With FireBoard Labs, Steven is following his passion of using the latest technologies to provide better answers to common questions.